Citizens Against OLF mussel study completed full story...

DEIS delayed full story...

Sandbanks cleanup goes well! full story...

OLF community meeting a success! full story...

No OLF Bill 613 passes NC Senate full story...

OLF Meeting Thursday, April 23, 2009, 7:00 p.m. Gates County Courthouse full story...

No OLF Bill 613 passes NC House full story...

NCWF passes resolution opposing OLF full story...

Senator Hagan meets with Citizens Against OLF full story...

Butterfield and Burr take strong stand full story...

Duke's latest site visit full story...

HKonJ March in Raleigh full story...

NAACP Pres., Rev. Dr. Barber, Sen. Jones, and Mayor of Roper, Bunny Sanders spoke at Stoney Branch full story...

Congressman Butterfield pledges his support full story...

Big Fall Fundraiser - BBQ and Chicken by the truck loads full story...

Duke to help Citizens
Against OLF full story...

Natter's 2000 letter stating that it is "precisely because of community concerns over jet noise" that the Navy is considering an OLF full story...

Navy OLF Study Delayed Until 2014

The Navy announced on January 27, 2011 that the OLF DEIS will be put on hold until 2014. From their announcement:
"In recognition of the fact that the JSF east coast basing EIS will not be initiated until 2014, the Navy is suspending release of and stopping work on the OLF DEIS until the east coast JSF basing and training requirements are better defined through the development of the east coast basing EIS. At that time, Navy will re-evaluate the OLF requirement and potential east coast JSF home basing locations."

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Citizens Against OLF Mussel Study Completed

The proposed OLF site contains 435 acres of the Chowan River.  This area of the Chowan River is globally significant for its overall freshwater mussel diversity, and it provides habitat for 6 state listed mussel species. Click here to access the full report.

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DEIS Delayed

DEIS delayed.  For more info:

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Boat Parade for the Chowan River a Success!

Boat Parade for the Chowan River A Success!
To read the news article, go here:
To see the slideshow go here:

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Sandbanks Cleanup Goes Well!

Sandbanks Cleanup Goes Well!  To view pictures from the event:
go to

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OLF Community Meeting A Success!

200 people attended.  To view a slide show of the meeting and the DVD presentation we shared that night, go to:

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No OLF Bill 613 Passes NC Senate

No OLF Bill 613 passes unanimously in both the House and Senate!  To read more about the bill, go here:

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No OLF Bill 613 Passes NC House

No OLF Bill 613 passes!  To read more about the bill, go here:


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No OLF Amendment Passes NC House Committee Unamiously

No OLF amendment passes committee UNAMIOUSLY!  To read more about the amendment, go here:

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North Carolina Wildlife Federation Passes Resolution Opposing OLF

We are thrilled that the North Carolina Wildlife Federation has passed a strong resolution saying the two Northeastern North Carolina OLF sites “should be immediately removed from any further consideration now or at any time in the future”.  Thank you NCWF!  To read the whole resolution, click here.

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Senator Hagan Meets with Citizens Against OLF

Senator Hagan meets with Citizens Against OLF. Click here for the story:

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Congressman Butterfield

Thanks Congressman Butterfield for putting strong action behind your opposition to the OLF in northeastern NC! Congressman Butterfield asked the House Armed Services Committee for legislative language that would require the Navy to demonstrate strong community support before building an outlying landing field.

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2/27/09 - Duke Site Visit

Duke University’s Environmental Law and Policy Clinic visited the Sandbanks on Feb. 27, 2009.  To view a slideshow, go to

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2/18/09 - Citizens Against OLF meet with Senator Burr

On February 18, 2009, representatives from Citizens Against OLF, along with Anita Earls from the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, met with Senator Richard Burr.  Thank you Senator Burr for your support.  For more on Senator Burr’s stance on the OLF, read this article.

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2/14/09 - HKonJ March in Raleigh, NC

Citizens Against OLF participate in HKonJ march! Several folks from Gates County attended the HKonJ march on Feb. 14, 2007. We were thrilled when Rev. Dr. Barber mentioned our OLF struggle in his keynote address. To view a slideshow of Citizens Against OLF in the march, go to:
To view news coverage of Citizens Against OLF at the march, go to:

HKonJ link:

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2/7/09 - NC NAACP President and Mayor Inspire Community

On Feb. 7, 2009, the community gathered at Stoney Branch Missionary Baptist Church (a church in the contour of the proposed OLF at the Sandbanks site).  A huge thank you to the Stoney Branch choir, Pastor Bryan Johnson, Rev. Dr. Barber, Bunny Sanders, Senator Ed Jones, Anita Earls, and the congregation of Stoney Branch, who made everyone feel so welcome and loved.   We plan to use the advice Rev. Dr. Barber and Mayor of Roper Bunny Sanders were able to share with us as we continue our efforts to save our community. 
“This fight isn’t just about volume.
You don’t know what else is going to follow this.
The health problems may not show up in you…but they may show up in your children.”
Rev. Dr. William Barber II, NC NAACP President

“You might as well know what this is really about.  The placement of an OLF in this county is clearly based solely on complaints about noise particularly in and around Fentress Field and Oceana Air Station.  Everyone in Gates County is going to experience noise and pollution.  Noise you cannot imagine.”
Bunny Sanders
To view a video of the event, go to:

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Congressman Butterfield and Senator Jones Send a Powerful Letter

Congressmen Butterfield and Jones write letter opposing an OLF in Northeastern NC!
Click here to view this letter.

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Congressman Butterfield Pledges His Support

Congressman Butterfield pledges his support!
Thank you Congressman Butterfield for your strong words of support.   “You can count on my continued opposition.  I have every reason to believe that with all of us working together, it will not happen.”
To view video from the event, go to:

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10/24/08 - Big Fall Fundraiser
Citizens Against OLF held a fundraiser on Friday October 24, 2008. Thanks so much to the 110 volunteers who came and helped. 2911 BBQ and Chicken plates were sold. $14986.76 was raised! Broad Opposition!

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9/22/08 - Recent Meetings with Elected Officials

In August, we traveled to Raleigh to meet with representatives from Lt. Governor Perdue's Staff. They pledged her support and showed us a letter she sent to Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy Donald R. Schregardus back in April. A portion of the letter: "I am, of course, a staunch supporter of the military and the benefits it brings to North Carolina, but it is my strongly held view that, to the extent the OLF is to be sited in this state, it should only be sited in a community that welcomes it. I appreciate your kind consideration of my position and that of Camden and Gates Counties as you go about the task of determining an appropriate site for the OLF.
In September, we met with Al Lytton, Pat McCrory's Eastern Field Representative. He met with us at Tarheel Restaurant, and then took a tour of the Sandbanks Site with a van full of locals. There were plenty of "NO OLF" signs to read along the way. The tour was quite entertaining and informative!
We also met with Representative Annie Mobley in September in Ahoskie. She spent a lot of time listening to us and asking questions. She pledged her support to the "No OLF" cause.

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6/19/08 - Duke University Clinc Will Conduct Independent Environmental Impact Study For Citizens Against OLF

Citizens Against OLF is excited to announce that Duke University’s Environmental Law and Policy Clinic will study the environmental impacts of the Sandbanks OLF Site. Under the National Environmental Policy Act, the Navy is required to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for this activity. The Clinic has already submitted a packet of scoping questions and comments to the Navy as they prepare the EIS. The Environmental Law and Policy Clinic will prepare their own version of an EIS.

”The Sandbanks site sits in a unique community of diverse wildlife habitats and people who live in close connection with the land,” said Ryke Longest, Director for the Duke Environmental Law and Policy Clinic. “Courts have held that the Navy’s prior EIS for the Outlying Landing Field was inadequate.” The Clinic has been retained to study the impacts and thereby to assist this community organization in defending the area’s diverse habitats.

In October 2007, Citizens Against OLF retained the Southern Coalition for Social Justice (SCSJ) as our legal counsel. SCSJ ( also submitted a packet of scoping questions and comments. Working together, Duke’s Environmental Law and Policy Clinic and SCSJ will bring a wealth of expertise to the important issues presented by the Navy’s proposal.

Anita Earls, SCSJ's Director explained: "The work that Duke's Environmental Law and Policy Clinic will perform is crucial to help us document how an OLF will affect the residents of Gates County who have been living in harmony with the natural environment through many generations."

"An independent EIS study by Duke University should provide an unbiased assessment of the environmental concerns and environmental consequences of constructing an OLF in Gates County; which will be very valuable in countering the Navy's proposed action if they decide to move forward based on their EIS results,” said Henry Jordan, incoming Gates County Commissioner.

“We are thrilled that Duke University’s Environmental Law and Policy Clinic has agreed to help us” said Ken Jernigan, Vice Chairman, Gates County Commissioners.

The Sandbanks Site in Gates County is one of five proposed OLF sites. There are two in North Carolina and three in Virginia.

A joint venture of Duke Law School and Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment, the Environmental Law and Policy Clinic serves nonprofit organizations that are involved in conflicts related to water quality, air quality, natural resources conservation, sustainable development, public-trust resources, and environmental justice.

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1/23/08 - Sandbanks and Hale's Lake Make Short List

The Secretary of the Navy has released the “short list” of OLF sites. The Sandbanks site in Gates County is on that list. The Hale’s Lake site in Camden County also made it onto the short list, along with three sites in Virginia. The original five sites (which included Perquimans and Washington/Beaufort) are no longer being considered. You can read the Secretary of the Navy's press release here.

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10/23/07 - Governor's OLF Study Group Meeting in Elizabeth City

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10/25/07 - Opposition targets OLF
Public to Navy: Take ‘excursion’ somewhere else

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